Marine Systems

Compusol provides professional services in yacht maintenance, repairs, new installations and re-fits. Client requests range from very simple product supply to the complete purchase and installation of all electrics, lighting, audio / visual & automation.

Compusol have a main focus on support and while at sea it is extreamly important that if anything fails, you still have the support when you need it!!

All of our systems whether it be land or sea are built around remote support & to this end, we have designed our own in house reporting system (C.A.M.S : Compusol Automated Management System) which will inform us via email imediately of any failures even before the client is aware of it, giving us chance to resolve any issues quickly meaning less down time for the customer.

C.A.M.S  is customised for each installation in order to monitor the specific equipment on that installation. This inovative software is one of a kind and is creating waves in the marine market and puts Compusol right at the top of our industry for our installations & support.