Security Systems

When it comes to security, Compusol are proficient in the planning of all eventualities together with the customer, sourcing materials and installing to the highest standard and also installing descreetly where neccessary.

We can assist with :

  • CCTV (with remote dial in facilities to allow you to view from anywhere in the world that you have internet)
  • Intruder Alarm Messages Sent To Your Mobile
  • Secure Entry Systems
    • GSM Gate Entry Systems
    • Door & Intercom Systems
  • See further down the page for more security devices we can offer
Secure Gate Entry System

GSM mobile network allowing you to use your mobile to open your gates from anywhere in the world. Very handy feature to give access to workers and such while you are not home. Also a good feature for rental properties who give access temporaily to clients, allowing them access and restricting access once their rental period is finished

We will discuss with you, your requirments and then advise and source the best equipment for the job.

You can trust in Compusol for your security.

Panic Rooms

Panic room is a fortified room that is installed in a private residence or business to provide a safe shelter, or hiding place, for the inhabitants in the event of a break in, home invasion, tornado, terror attack, or other threat. Safe rooms usually contain communications equipment, so that law enforcement authorities can be contacted.

Safe rooms may contain communications equipment, such as a cellular telephone, land-line telephone or an amateur radio transceiver, so that law enforcement authorities can be contacted. There may also be a monitor for external security cameras and an alarm system. In basic safe rooms, a peephole in the door may be used for a similar purpose. Safe rooms are typically stocked with basic emergency and survival items such as a flashlight, blankets, a first-aid kit, water, packaged food, self-defense tools, a gas mask, and a simple portable toilet.

Safe rooms can be hidden behind many household features, such as mirrors, wardrobes, bookcases, sliding bookcases, and even fireplaces.

Bullet Doors & Windows

Bullet Windiws & doors are often used in government buildings, cashier stands, high crime rate areas or any structure where increased safety is desired. They are generally tested in accordance with UL 752 and assigned a level from 1-10 that lets you know how resistant the door is to gun fire.

Steel doors & Windiws are typically available up to level 8. A security consultant should analyze the building conditions to determine the proper bullet resistance level required.

The doors & Windiws may be flush or have full glass vision lights. They are also available in pairs, fire rated, STC rated and blast resistant.

Personal Attack & Prevention System

We uses a patented frequency pattern that generates the most unbearable of sounds. The frequency creates an insufferable, piercing noise. This separates Inferno from conventional sirens that merely omit a consistent sound to which the human ear can adapt, and learn to tolerate.

Intrusion prevention is a preemptive approach to network security used to identify potential threats and respond to them swiftly. Like an intrusion detection system (IDS), an intrusion prevention system (IPS) monitors network traffic. However, because an exploit may be carried out very quickly after the attacker gains access, intrusion prevention systems also have the ability to take immediate action, based on a set of rules established by the network administrator. For example, an IPS might drop a packet that it determines to be malicious and block all further traffic from that IP address orport. Legitimate traffic, meanwhile, should be forwarded to the recipient with no apparent disruption or delay of service.

Smoke Screen

Security smoke systems have been successfully used to protect high-value items from opportunistic smash and grab style raids, for example jewellers’ window displays. Major retailers, such as Aurum Holdings – owner of Mappin & Webb, Goldsmiths and Watches of Switzerland – have installed security smoke systems and have seen a dramatic decrease in losses from such break-ins.

Security smoke machines have been successfully used in protecting personnel and currency during the delivery and collection of cash. The introduction of a portable security smoke generator was awarded best new physical product at IFSEC 2009, providing cash-carriers with a high-level of protection against an increased risk during out of hours cash deliveries.